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MONMONO X Venus Philosophy

Art Project of MONMONO ShowRoom

“Will be, will be.”

“How to live well every day?” illustrator LOSZEHAHA always asks herself. Through meditation, she realized she could look forward to the future, taking small steps at a time, besides living in the moment. Every tiny detail in our daily life could be the spark that kindles our passion for living, be in the "Warm Soup in Bowls", the "Fall Play", or our blissful reunion "SeeYa".


LOSZEHAHA (Venus), a millennial girl who was born and raised in Hong Kong, is graduated from Visual Communication programme. With a love for illustration and clay, she started her own illustration brand “Venus Philosophy”, and created a series of works mostly inspired by the society and daily life. Venus presents her arts in a spiritual-healing way, hoping to bring a bit of warmth and strength to her readers.


Being invited by MONMONO, LOSZEHAHA (Venus), who recently focuses on the establishment in the style of three primary colors, jumped into the world of monochrome and created a brand new collection of “Will be, will be”, a total of 11 drawings. This collection by LOSZEHAHA will be showcased in MONMONO (central) Restaurant and Bar, bringing guests into the world of Canary Yellow, which represents illumination, warmth, and hope to us.


“We might all encounter trying times every now and then, perhaps we could tap our chest and tell ourselves “Will be, will be.”

Y-111 594 x 594 (Our Future 我們的未來) HKD 4000 QTY 5.png



LOSZEHAHA—香港土生土長的90後女生,畢業於視覺傳達系;喜愛以插畫、黏土為創作媒介;於2020年成立插畫品牌Venus Philosophy。作品靈感多取材自社會及生活,多從療癒心靈的角度出發,希望為讀者帶來丁點的溫暖和力量。




或許每天都會有難過的時刻,就拍拍心口告訴自己:”will be, will be” :’)

MONMONO X Venus Philosophy

LOSZEHAHA by Venus Philosophy

 (Instagram @venusphilosophy)

LOSZEHAHA (Venus) 畢業於視覺傳達系;喜愛以插畫,黏土為創作媒介;近年喜愛以三原色色系致力創作;曾自資出版獨立小誌「給親愛的橡皮人」予人慰籍心靈。

VP logo2.png


LOSZEHAHA (Venus) Graduated from visual communication programme, she loves to create her works through illustration and clay. Recently, she focuses on the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue for her series. Venus has also published a zine on self-help, encouraging readers to take good care of their hearts and accompanying them through the journey of healing.

LOSZEHAHA by Venus Philosophy

 (Instagram @venusphilosophy)

Y-107 841 x 594 (Warm Soup in Bowls 回家的熱湯) 2022 HKD 4800 QTY 5.png

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