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The MONMONO brand

Monmono is an Art Brand of The Montage Group Limited. Monmono is our presentation of Monochrome, one of the proven durable idioms of contemporary art. Monochrome means one colour, so in relation to art, a monochrome artwork is taking a single base hue and being creative with its Shades (Black), Tones (Gray) and Tints (White).

We treat Monmono as an art project instead of a typical restaurant, and it was born to be the MONTAGE of Interesting Spaces, Creative Art Pieces, Tuneful Melodies, Delicious Food and Beverage and Unique Experience. With the belief of “Vision creates a significant impact on the Taste” in Human’s Five senses, we aim to magnify customers’ experience to the next level by creating much impactful and sensational memory with our Monmono concepts. Given the fact that dining takes a significant part of the human’s basic necessities of life, we wish to provide spaces that not only fulfil people’s needs in the food itself but with much greater satisfaction.

We believe in collaboration and opportuneness. The exchange of ideas and appreciation of different fantasies of art makes our community evolve to the next level.

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