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Art Project of MONMONO ShowRoom

MONMONO X Isaac Spellman
B-2C 670 x 670 (Magic Shop) 2022 HKD 1800.jpg

“Blue Neighborhood”

We're all surrounded by blueness, the feeling of blue, living within the neighborhood.


Reimagined artworks with a filter of blue.

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Born in 1995, graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts in 2019, currently an illustrator based in Hong Kong. He specializes in digital illustrations under the influences of a mixture of retro and futuristic pop culture. He has also illustrated the classic Dystopian fiction "Brave New World" cover for Cup Publishing in 2021. The works were also won and shortlisted for various international prestigious design and art awards including 3x3 International Illustration Awards Merit Winner, Communication Arts Illustration Competition, D&AD Awards, and World Illustration Awards.

Renowned clients include Lady Gaga, Joey Yung, Kay Tse, Gigi Leung, Alion Yeo, Universal International Music, Warner Music, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong Repertory Theater, Swire Properties, Art and Piece, Vogue Russia & Hong Kong, Vivienne Westwood, Adidas, Reebok, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, Ztylez…

Isaac Spellman

 (Instagram @isaac.spellman )

B-1C-L8 350 x 280 (Realities) 2022 HKD 950.jpg

Isaac Spellman 巫男

 (Instagram @isaac.spellman )



合作伙伴包括 Lady Gaga、容祖兒、謝安琪、梁詠琪、楊天命、環球音樂、華納音樂、德意志銀行、香港話劇團、太古地產、美紙、Vogue Russia & Hong Kong、Vivienne Westwood、Adidas、Reebok、Van Cleef & Arpels、Harry Winston、Ztylez 等等。

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