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Monmono ShowRoom Project
(To be updated)

Monmono ShowRoom is a project to demonstrate the spirit and beauty of The Montage Group. Monmono Restaurant will not only be a venue for dining but a gallery for artists to share and exchange their ideas, feelings and vision by exhibiting their pieces and communicating through them.

With the benefit of huge traffic and customer exposure in F&B’s business, The Montage Group shares Monmono’s unique and artistic environment with the Hong Kong Local Artists (as we called MonoArtist) as a precious platform and new opportunity to showcase their Artwork with more people. We understand the difficulties of acquiring a chance to present one’s talent in the real world or even Art Gallery, therefore Montage would like to be the steppingstone to the Local Artist by providing a valuable stage in one’s Art Journey.

To support our MonoArtist, MonoArtwork showcasing in our Monmono ShowRoom would be complementary for a period. MonoArtists might even be able to experience their first Art Piece Trading on the market of Art to those who appreciate the passion and emotion of one’s MonoArtwork. We cherish our customers as we do to our MonoArtist providing you with a stage to present your creativity and enthusiasm for Art.

We would like to invite local artists who appreciate the concepts of Monmono as we do and be pleased to have these talents being a part of our project becoming one of the MonoArtists. The MonoArtist would show one’s characteristic and connection to the theme and concept of the restaurant by creating an / a series of artwork and showcasing in MONMONO restaurant, while BLUE is our first colour for MONMONO restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, and a different colour to come in Central in July. We look forward to the day witnessing the joys in your eyes having your Artwork shining on the Stage of yours in Monmono. 

Let us know your thought and we understand creation takes time; The Montage Group is awaiting your interest in our Monmono Showroom project.

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